Tecnologías en Desarrollo


Calle Barbara Esparza # 4 y Santa Inés. Indigo Gardens, Oficina # 4. (Cumbaya) 
Quito, Ecuador
Teléfonos: (593) 02 382 7930  -  401
Fax: (5932) 246-7253

Planta de Tratamiento & Campamento Principal

Km 1.5 Vía Sacha-Coca
La Joya de Los Sachas, Ecuador
Teléfonos: (06) 306 5905, (06) 289 9186

e-mail: pecs@pecs.com.ec

Developing Technologies

PECS has always distinguished itself for having an amazing department of innovation and development.

PECS assumes through its line of emulsified fuels the mission to become an international benchmark for demonstrating the technical and economic feasibility intended to sustain the current energy model free of contamination.

Climate change caused by human activity mainly by a massive use of fossil fuels for energy is a global threat. Its consumption is responsible for 80% of CO2 emissions.

PECS has developed a technology that allows these emissions to reduce substantially with a conscience of the need of the planet to keep using the world's oil reserves.

Fuel Plus (emulsified fuels)

  • Lower viscosity
  • Reduction of pollutant emissions
  • 99% Combustion Efficiency
  • High stability
  • Lower cost