Calle Barbara Esparza # 4 y Santa Inés. Indigo Gardens, Oficina # 4. (Cumbaya) 
Quito, Ecuador
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Fax: (5932) 246-7253

Planta de Tratamiento & Campamento Principal

Km 1.5 Vía Sacha-Coca
La Joya de Los Sachas, Ecuador
Teléfonos: (06) 306 5905, (06) 289 9186

e-mail: pecs@pecs.com.ec

Vision and Strategy

vision PECS

Our challenge is to be the benchmark for all oil companies in the environmental field.

The main challenge of our time is, without doubt, to achieve a comprehensive management model that allows oil companies to leave in our hands all the activities that are not part of their core business, because we are custodians of a legacy of reliability obtained through many years.

"Our vision is to become the leader in providing comprehensive environmental services using, researching, and developing technology, protecting human capital; complying with the rules and respecting the environment for successful development of its employees."

To that end, we seek excellence in the management of our human resources, technology and providing value to our shareholders and our stakeholders, from this perspective PECS makes a commitment that is integrated into all our activities and in all the communities in which we operate.


Our policy is:

To PECS, a company dedicated to providing environmental services by implementing PECS technology, quality is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, which means meeting the agreed requirements, and current regulations, while protecting human life and respecting the environment.

This is achieved through:

  • A competent and experienced group of people.
  • Reliable suppliers and contractors.
  • Organization-wide a commitment to Quality, Health and Safety through monitoring and compliance of objectives.
  • Work done under established rules and procedures and stringent safety standards, protecting the health of the human capital, preserving and protecting the environment.
  • Through research processes that allow a continuous improvement in performance and management.
  • Preventing and controlling in our daily operations risk on occupational safety and health of human capital.

Every employee in the company is responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy, pledging to incorporate it  in the conduct of its work safety rules, making a commitment to health care and participation in scheduled activities. They represent the basic conditions of employment for the staff of PECS, and therefore will be evaluated.